Puppet Pals app

One of my favorite app finds of the summer is Puppet Pals HD (The basic version is free, and the Director’s Pass for more puppets and scenes is an in-app purchase for $2.99, which is well worth it). This app allows you to create stories using “puppets” you animate yourself.  Remember paper dolls of the past?  This is the iPad version for today’s kids! Use your own photos as backdrops, and use people in your photos as characters.  Add your voice, flip your characters, change the scenes–it’s all in your hands!

For school purposes, try animating Abe Lincoln or another historical figure.  How about animating local heroes or founding fathers telling the story of how your town was founded? Show the struggles of pioneers settling in your state.  Or, animate a scientist or inventor making an incredible discovery! Check out Puppet Pals HD today!


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